College of Science and Engineering


College of Education and Learning Design

The College of Education and Learning Design seeks philanthropic support to launch a comprehensive, on-going program designed to recruit educators of color and Indigenous educators. We seek to provide scholarships and mentorship for cohorts of educator candidates of color. As a leader in educator preparation in Minnesota, this initiative represents a powerful opportunity to further diversity in the state's education workforce - an important priority for across the state.

Using a "grow your own" approach, attracting the next generation of committed and inspired teachers is an important goal for St. Cloud State's College of Education and Learning Design. Seeding an interest in the education professions, especially for our students of color, can begin early! We seek philanthropic support for our Future Teacher's Academy. The Academy provides a campus experience for high schoolers where they live in the dorms for a week, take a course to earn college credit, explore their potential as educators, and learn what it's like to be an Education Husky. These future teachers develop a cohort identity and learn to support each other as they then matriculate to SCSU.


College of Liberal Arts and School of the Arts

To facilitate and serve the exceptional work of SCSU students and faculty in the performing and visual arts, and to continue to be transformational in teaching, learning and achievement in the arts, the College of Liberal Arts and the School of the Arts seek philanthropic support for targeted facilities renovation/upgrades to the Performing Arts Center and the Kiehle Visual Arts Center.

Having outside authors, scholars, and artists interact with the SCSU community and the greater St. Cloud community is a vital part of creating and maintaining a vibrant, stimulating environment for learning. In doing so, we place our students, faculty, and communities in direct contact with some of today's most influential thinkers and creators. Philanthropic funding would provide for residencies and the hosting of visiting scholars, speakers, and creators for extended periods of time within the college and school.

Several departments within the College of Liberal Arts and School of the Arts are technology and equipment intensive. These department's disciplinary and professional demands call for training and access to items applicable to the workplace, studio, or respective technological environment. Philanthropic support will enable academic departments to manage, upgrade or maintain a range of required items that will transform student experiential learning.


School of Public Affairs

The School of Public Affairs' Master's of Public Administration, unique within the Minnesota State System, seeks philanthropic support for Graduate Assistantships to augment institutional support in this important field.

Each Spring, the School of Public Affairs leads a special trip to Alnwick Castle, St. Cloud State's "British" campus for a unique immersion experience. The School seeks philanthropic support to expand student attendance and build on its goal of creating global citizens of its graduates.

Students engaged in the work of the School of Public Affairs Research Institute are afforded the opportunity to work on a variety of "real world" projects that are brought to SoPARI by external organizations. However, some of these projects are not fee based. The School of Public Affairs seeks philanthropic support to underwrite expenses associated with non-fee projects so that students may continue to be exposed to a wide cross section of survey and research projects.


College of Science and Engineering

Creating a sense of belonging is a critical component to increasing student retention and ensuring they remain on a path towards graduation. The College of Science and Engineering employs an innovative program utilizing Learning Assistants, high performing current students who work alongside faculty in the classroom and in the tutoring center to nurture their peers in a personal, supportive structure. This approach, which fosters a strong sense of belonging for students in the College of Science and Engineering, is proving successful but additional philanthropic support is needed to expand and strengthen the Learning Assistants program especially in Gateway Courses and for tutoring support.

Technology powers academic programs and innovation across the College of Science and Engineering. Philanthropic support ensures that the College can invest in leading edge technology such as automation, robotics, cyber range, etc., giving students experiential learning with technology they're likely to utilize when they enter the workforce.

The College of Science and Engineering is pioneering innovation in applied research and interdisciplinary collaboration across its many programs, and in doing so is positioning itself as a distinctive destination for aspiring students throughout the Midwest. To help secure this important position within the landscape of engineering schools in the Midwest, the College of Science and Engineering seeks philanthropic backing for branding and marketing professional support and service to sustain its goal of further elevating its reputation and increasing recognition and distinction.


Herberger Business School

The Herberger Business School's Professional Selling Specialization is a 15 credit certificate program administered by the marketing program that prepares students to be effective communicators and for careers in sales through a highly engaging experiential learning environment. Now, with over 200 Professional Selling Specialization certificates awarded and over 100 students in the program annually, the Herberger Business School seeks philanthropic support to create a second professional selling lab and expand its capacity to serve the rising number of students from across campus and all academic majors who are interested in the program.

With the success enjoyed by the Professional Selling Specialization program, the Herberger Business School has identified the program as ready to move to the next level and become a full member of the University Sales Center Alliance (USCA), a select group of the leading US collegiate sales programs.The Herberger Business School seeks philanthropic support for the Professional Selling Institute, a requirement of admission into the USCA. Support would provide resources for faculty and curriculum development, expanded experiential learning opportunities for students including externships and visiting scholars.

Look for a special gift announcement in May 2022!

The Herberger Business School's insurance program is the only program of its kind in Minnesota. The program has an extraordinary history of graduating alumni who are working in every facet of the insurance industry and are involved in leadership positions at major insurance and reinsurance corporations throughout the United States and around the world. An endowed Chair in Insurance would further solidify the program's preeminence in Minnesota and provide resources to support the Chair and broaden research, experiential learning and internship opportunities for students.


School of Health and Human Services

Through its Applied Behavior Analysis and Communications Sciences and Disorders programs, the School of Health and Human Services prepares its graduates to work in clinics and other care settings to deliver therapies that improve the lives of those with Autism. To meet the needs of the community and to provide supervised experiential learning opportunities in a clinical setting, the School of Health and Human Services is seeking philanthropic support to create an on-campus Autism Clinic.

Look for a special gift announcement in fall 2022!

Technology is an integral part of the academic programs in the School of Health and Human Services. From general technology to telemedicine and telehealth, preparing well qualified students to enter the workforce requires targeted investments in leading edge technology to ensure they'll graduate from St. Cloud State having worked with technology similar to what they'll find in the workplace.


Research and Graduate Education

Introducing students to the creation and critical evaluation of knowledge is one of the most beneficial high-impact educational experiences you could support through scholarships, research support, and awards.

Financial support for scholarships, assistantships, graduate research experiences, professional development, or childcare enables highly deserving students to complete a graduate degree and fulfill their academic potential.

Endowed lectureships, research opportunities, or leveraged funds for public-private partnerships support scholarship, research, and creative activities of our faculty for the benefit of our students, our campus and regional community partners.


University Library

Gifts to support the Textbook Affordability for Success (TAPS) and Library Collections will give students the ability to access greater content, and at a reduced cost. The TAPS program continues to help us keep higher education costs in check.

Scholarships and faculty awards to those who work in the space, demonstrate outstanding research or champion the use of open education resources/access will enhance the reputation of the library across the community.

Preserving Husky history and providing space committed to the intellectual pursuits of our faculty and staff is an important part of the University Library. Gifts to develop, support and enhance these areas are needed to provide an enriched experience.

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